Marion “Rossi” Kunney – Still In The Game!

This is Marion, AKA Rossi, Kunney one of the most non-invisible women I have ever known.   I met Rossi about 16 years ago when our sons were enrolled at the same Montessori school in Decatur, GA.  Our sons were instant friends and even if that were not the case, I would have been drawn to Rossi anyway.  She is funny, smart, relatable, interesting and a good friend.  My son spent the night at her house the first time he slept away from home with a friend and Rossi called me until they went to sleep with updates.  Jordan was Rossi’s second son, she had experience and knowing I was stupidly anxious she walked me through letting go, T-ball, swim team and eventually both boys transitioning to middle school at different schools, the first time since pre-K. 

A couple of years ago Rossi retired from the corporate job she had held for 26 years and began the search for her next career.  Being all about, exercise and staying fit it was not hard for Rossi to make the transition to Health Coach specializing in support for women over 50.  Rossi you see is amazingly fit and over 50, she works out every day hard, do not challenge her ever you will be shamed!  This new career is in every way perfect for Rossi, she can showcase her beauty, smarts, skills, body, humor really everything that makes Rossi well Rossi comes into play with Macsquad by Rossi and her success is your success because that’s the way she rolls.

So, you see, this amazing woman Rossi Kunney is not and never has been Fucking Invisible, she will chase you up the stadium stairs and make you laugh all the way up never knowing you just killed it!  I love her, you will too. 

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