Marion “Rossi” Kunney – Still In The Game!

This is Marion, AKA Rossi, Kunney one of the most non-invisible women I have ever known.   I met Rossi about 16 years ago when our sons were enrolled at the same Montessori school in Decatur, […]

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Robin Sims Sartain – I Refuse To Be Fucking Invisible!

Robin Sims Sartain is not fucking invisible.  This woman is a powerhouse, dynamite in a tiny package tied with the most elegant bow.  I met Robin around 1972, we attended high school together for 2 […]

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Dorothy (Dot) Sanders Hambrick is part of my series “I Am Not Fucking Invisible” and one of my oldest friends.

We met in 1969 when the Northern District of Georgia imposed a desegregation plan upon the DeKalb County School System and Dorothy along with other young African American students were bused to McLendon Elementary School […]

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Meet Fern Garber, part of my series – I Am Not Fucking Invisible!

Meet Fern Garber. Fern is a native of Minneapolis, MN but has lived in Atlanta for more than 20 years. Tired of the corporate life Fern left her corporate position and opened Preferred Pet Care […]

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I Am Not Fucking Invisible

I never anticipated aging gracefully, I have never done much of anything gracefully. I was born into the world butt first and have spent most of my time full throttle and often ass first so […]

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I Am A Caregiver

I am lots of things a Mom, wife, photographer, friend, sister, and caregiver. My Dad is 89 years old and after a debilitating stroke 2 years ago my husband, son and I have been managing […]

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New Website – Whatcha Think?

I have updated my website, added a blog and buy stuff link, what do you think?

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